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We have everything you need to ensure that your LUNAFEST event is a success.

Find and download the packages, tips, and tools below and get LUNAFEST ready.

General Information


We are thrilled to welcome you to the LUNA® family as a LUNAFEST® host. You are a key partner in helping us achieve our goal: to champion women in film and support women’s causes. In partnership, we want to make sure that the hosting process is as easy and fun as possible.

For the 2020 season, we have adapted quickly to current events and are excited to offer LUNAFEST in a virtual format for the first time in our 20-year history!

On this page, you’ll find a planning checklist and tools we’ve put together to help you organize a successful virtual event. We’ve tried to keep this simple, allowing creative space for your own ideas. We have included inspiration and tips based on our own hosting experiences and we welcome your input because you know your community best.

Please read through the checklist and drop downs below to make sure you’re staying on track. A few time-sensitive steps need to be completed before your event can happen. As always, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Happy planning!



Step Two: Order Promo Materials and Event Programs

Step Three: Fill out Post Event Survey


At LUNA® Bar, equality is in our DNA. We are committed to inspiring women, championing change, and demanding that equality be a right, not an option. This is not something we hope for — we’re doing something about it. LUNAFEST was born from that ethos. For almost 20 years, our traveling film festival has created opportunities for more than 152 women filmmakers to share their untold stories. In addition, each season our unique platform travels to close to 200 cities, helping to raise funds for local women’s causes. Because equality can’t wait for someday. Someday is now.

We are thrilled to partner once again with Chicken & Egg Pictures, a leading nonprofit organization advocating gender equality within the film industry. Chicken & Egg provides much-needed creative support, mentorship, and funding so that important nonfiction films can be made and widely seen.


  1. APPLY TO HOST — Have a tentative date in mind when you apply. You can always change it later.
  2. PLANNING TO HOST A LIVE EVENT? Please make sure you can meet the following requirements before proceeding:
    • Ensure that you are following all local health department guidelines and check in with LUNAFEST 48 – 72 hours prior to your event to confirm that you are in compliance with current local health orders and that you will be following the locally mandated protocol for group gatherings. Please provide your comprehensive event day plan including protocol that adheres to CDC and local guidelines regarding events and group gatherings via email to   
    • Liability Release Waiver: will need to be signed by your organization and all attendees of your event. This is to protect your organization as well as ours and can be sent to your attendees by email in advance so they do not have to sign at your event location. You will also need to have some paper copies on hand for those that forget to sign in advance. Please keep signed copies on file should we need to reference them.  
    • Be prepared to convert your event to virtual to avoid having to cancel your event completely should local health guidelines change before your event takes place. The LUNAFEST Team is available to help you get set up with a virtual backup plan for your event. 
  3. DONATION TO CHICKEN & EGG PICTURES — We ask that all hosts donate $350 to our main beneficiary, Chicken & Egg Pictures, prior to hosting. All remaining net proceeds from your event can go to a beneficiary of your choice. You can donate by clicking here.
  4. BUILD YOUR EVENT AGENDA — for virtual events, we highly recommend you watch our LUNAFEST Lunch + Learn session (Access Password: 8g.39m?X) for ideas, ticket pricing, best practices and more.
  5. SET UP YOUR EVENT PAGE & TICKETING — Once your application has been accepted, we will be in contact with next steps. You may use your own ticketing platform, or we can set up an Eventbrite ticketing page for you (See more info below).
  6. THINK OF OTHER WAYS TO FUNDRAISE — Hosts have had great success with virtual silent auctions, raffles and donations. We even have a sponsorship packet template to make asking for donations easy (See more info below)!
  7. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT — Under 'Additional Tools' you will find sample social posts, media release templates, film trailers and more to help you promote your event.
  8. SHARE THE FILMS — We will send you a unique link and password by noon the day before your event. Please send this information to your guests in a reminder email the morning of your event. Don’t forget to share our virtual program.
  9. LET US KNOW HOW YOUR EVENT WENT — Please take a moment to fill out a short Show Report for your VIRTUAL or LIVE event to let us how much money you raised, how many people attended and any feedback you have for us. We want to know how it went!


SPREAD THE WORD — By far, the main driver of success for all our events is word of mouth. There are a lot of different ways to get the word out. We recommend a combination of the following:

  • Invite your network via email or e-newsletters
  • Create an event on your organization’s Facebook page and invite your followers
  • Post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! We have a great Social Media Kit for you to get started with. You can post about the films, filmmakers, special features of your event, etc.
  • Encourage your volunteers, partners and sponsors to spread the word to their networks via word of mouth, newsletters and social accounts
    • Some have assigned "Virtual Table Captains" to help sell a certain amount of tickets each
  • Reach out to local media outlets using our Media Alert Kit
  • Invite local bloggers and influencers to share about the event and attend

Tip: Here are some great articles that may be helpful if you are marketing an event for the first time or are using Eventbrite for ticketing:


The LUNAFEST name represents the LUNA brand and our values and commitment to women everywhere. It is very important to correctly use all marketing materials and signage associated with LUNAFEST to ensure a consistent brand image for the festival nationwide. You are highly encouraged to utilize the LUNAFEST digital and print materials available through Calitho. Should you need to create additional materials beyond what LUNA offers, we ask that you follow the LUNAFEST logo and name usage guidelines below and email a sample to LUNA at for approval before posting or distributing. The guidelines are clarified in detail, but if anything seems confusing or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

REFERRING TO LUNAFEST — Spelling LUNAFEST: The first mention of LUNAFEST on any document should always include the ® symbol immediately following the name LUNAFEST. All subsequent references to LUNAFEST within the same document do not need the ® symbol. The ® symbol can be found in most Word program under Insert > Symbol.

  • This is correct: LUNAFEST®
  • This is not correct: Lunafest®. LUNA-FEST®, LUNAFESTTM


  • If you are a college or university your event name should read: LUNAFEST [Name of College/University] [Year]. For example, LUNAFEST University of Colorado 2020.
  • You can also add a line following saying: Hosted by [Your College Group Name.For example, LUNAFEST University of Colorado 2020, Hosted by the Women’s Studies Department. 
  • For any other organization, your event name should read: LUNAFEST [Name of town where event is held. [Year], Hosted by [Name of Organization], benefiting [Beneficiary Organization]. For example 
  • LUNAFEST Mill Valley 2020, Hosted by the Marin County Women’s Health Center, benefiting Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

LUNAFEST BRANDING GUIDE TITLE SPONSOR — LUNAFEST is brought to you by LUNA. LUNAFEST cannot be listed as having any other title sponsors. However, local sponsorships are highly encouraged — please see the Sponsorship Packet for details.

TAGLINE — The official LUNAFEST tagline is: Short Films By and About Women. Rated Equal™

WEBSITE — The official LUNAFEST website is No assets may be re-purposed from the website for use elsewhere online or in print without permission from LUNAFEST.

LOGO — The official LUNAFEST logo is available for download at No other logo besides the beneficiary organization(s) logo may be used on any printed or digital material related to LUNAFEST. All uses of LUNAFEST (aside from pre-approved materials from Calitho) must be approved by LUNA including online and print materials.


VIRTUAL FUNDRAISING — Hosts have had great success with including a virtual auction, raffle and encouraging donations via VenmoPaypal, etc Tip: Be sure to remind attendees that some companies match donation funds)

SPONSORSHIP + DONATIONS — Almost all our hosts seek sponsorships to help with the cost or to raise funds for their event. Sponsorships can significantly offset the cost of running your event. Reaching out to local businesses also helps build community involvement around your event. Not familiar with asking for sponsorship? We have an easy-to-use Sponsorship Packet.

Virtual Event Resources

ZOOM — Some hosts have chosen to integrate Zoom into their event, creating the opportunity to welcome guests and host a chat/discussion.  Sample agenda:

  • Welcome everyone + give a run of show via Zoom (3-5 mins)
  • Sponsor/Non-Profit say a few words via Zoom (2-3 mins)
  • Share thought starters + discussion questions via chat (1-2 mins)
  • Share Vimeo link + password via chat (Everyone streams via Vimeo on their own 1.5 hrs) NOTE: It’s best not to stream the Vimeo link though Zoom.
  • Notes + best practices:
    • Keep in mind the level of Zoom account you have - Free accounts only work for 40 mins + can only host 100 attendees Also, make sure you know the difference between a Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar so you can decide which is right for your attendee group size and needs. More info about that here.
    • While watching the films post a slide to Zoom telling guests where to access the films and encouraging chat via Zoom during films
    • Use our LUNAFEST Zoom virtual background 
    • Start the fun by streaming our LUNAFEST Spotify playlist – or create your own!
  • Virtual events assets: 

Tip: Be sure to watch our LUNAFEST Lunch + Learn session (Access Password: 8g.39m?X) for more tips and tricks on hosting virtual events. 


MAKE THE NIGHT SPECIAL — Encourage your attendees to throw on some fun jewelry, make a specialty cocktail, grab a sparkling water or some popcorn. Get some inspiration from our LUNAFEST Pinterest board!

VIRTUAL PROGRAMS — You can use our downloadable the FILM SUMMARY on our Media Room page OR provide this link to The Films page.


TICKETING TIPS — Keep your ticket prices the same or similar to a live screening event. This is still a fundraiser for your nonprofit organization and your community will appreciate being able to support your organization while enjoying the films from the comfort of their home. Some hosts also offer lower-priced tickets for students and seniors. Tip for new hosts: Offer early bird pricing as an incentive to purchase tickets in advance.

RECOMMENDED VIEWING AGES — We recommend viewers be 13 or older. Some films contain sensitive or triggering content.

BE READY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT — We recommend being ready to assist attendees. They may type in the password incorrectly. They may have buffering issues due to their home internet and they may turn to you for guidance (we all know the internet is being maxed out right now). They may want help figuring how to stream from their TVs. Be prepared to be on call and assist (when you can).

Helpful links to share with guests:

Additional Tools

Sponsorship Packet

Host Social Media Kit (Virtual Events)

Media Alert Template and How-to Guide

LUNAFEST Live Event Release Waiver

Run of Virtual Show Template

Template Confirmation Email

Zoom Slides

Zoom Virtual Background

LUNAFEST 2020 Discussion Questions

Printable Film Posters

LUNAFEST 2020 Program



  •  Clif Bar & Company owns and controls the LUNA brand, LUNAFEST, and related logos and marks.
  • Your LUNAFEST event must be held between January 1, 2020 and December 15, 2020.
  • You must give a $350 donation to our national partner and LUNAFEST’s main nonprofit beneficiary, Chicken & Egg Pictures, prior to receiving the LUNAFEST films. Chicken & Egg Pictures is an organization that provides mentorship and critical financial support to female nonfiction filmmakers. Because a critical component of LUNAFEST is raising funds for your organization, you are strongly encouraged to sell tickets to LUNAFEST. Admission to your event via suggested contribution or donation is not encouraged.
  • At minimum, your venue must provide the following A/V equipment: screen, digital projection system or DVD or Blu-ray Disc projection system, sound system, and adequate seating.
  • The films are the property of Clif Bar & Company and DVDs MUST be returned within one week (5 business days) of your LUNAFEST screening.
  • If you have a digital download of the LUNAFEST films, you must delete the download within one week (5 business days) of your LUNAFEST screening.
  • You agree to send your post-event report to LUNA via our SurveyMonkey Show Report Form no later than two weeks (10 business days) after your LUNAFEST screening.
  • You agree to inform LUNA of any Public Relations or Media outreach for your event. LUNA has final approval on all media relating to your event.
  • Your group or organization is responsible for all financial aspects of the LUNAFEST you host. Neither Clif Bar & Company nor the LUNA brand provides any financial assistance or assumes any financial, legal, or other liability with respect to LUNAFEST. You agree to assume all liability for your LUNAFEST event and seek appropriate event insurance or the like. You will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Clif Bar & Company and its employees and officers from any liability, loss (including attorney’s fees), claim, damages, or other action (collectively, “Claims”) arising out of or connected with your LUNAFEST event, except to the extent any such Claim relates to the films themselves.
  • To be eligible to sponsor a LUNAFEST event, you must provide proof of your group or organization’s status as a registered charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, or a campus group officially sanctioned by your school. You must submit such proof to
  • You are responsible for periodically checking the LUNAFEST screenings page for other LUNAFEST events that may be scheduled in your area and notifying LUNAFEST if there is a conflict. LUNA does not screen locations or dates for date conflicts.
  • You must comply with the requirements for any and all use of any printed materials, logos, and elements in the media package as included in your Host Planning Guide.
  • Website content on may not be copied or replicated without permission from Clif Bar & Company.
  • All Internet or social media content you want to use to advertise, promote and/or publicize your LUNAFEST event must be approved by us prior to going live online. To submit your content for approval, please contact
  • Clif Bar & Company has the right in its sole discretion to decide on any additional sponsors or promotional partners. You may have local sponsors for your local events. Local sponsors may not be competitors of Clif Bar & Company in the energy and nutrition foods (including bars, gels, and chews), sport drink, and snack food categories.
  • LUNAFEST films must be shown in their entirety and in the sequence that we require.
  • You may add one additional local film to the festival that can be shown after the official LUNAFEST films. LUNAFEST must first screen and approve this film. Please submit such additional films to
  • Nothing in this agreement should be interpreted to suggest an ongoing relationship between Clif Bar & Company, LUNAFEST, and you/your organization. Nor should anything in this agreement be interpreted to confer upon you or any third party any right to any intellectual property belonging to LUNA, LUNAFEST, or Clif Bar & Company. Except as set forth in this agreement, you are not authorized to use any such intellectual property.
  • Clif Bar & Company reserves the right in its sole discretion and without incurring any liability whatsoever, to cancel LUNAFEST at any time or to revoke your permission to be a LUNAFEST host.