Lady Razorbacks

Past Screenings:
  • Roxbury International Film Festival
Lady Razorbacks

When a group of Pacific Islander women start a rugby team in East Palo Alto, California, all they have in mind is getting in shape. But this diverse group of women-who range from teenagers struggling with school, to church-going college students, to mothers of six-find an unexpected sanctuary on the field. Lady Razorbacks shows Fijians, Tongans, and Samoans discovering common ground as they learn the sport they grew up watching their brothers, uncles, and cousins play. In a space where hitting hard and caring for each other are synonymous, they find new ways to express themselves and support one another.

FILMMAKER: Laura Green

San Francisco, California
Laura Green

Since graduating from Brown University in 2006 with a degree in Modern Culture and Media, Laura Green has been pursuing a love of documentary and the opportunities the form provides to learn about diverse human experiences. She spent the year following her graduation doing academic research as an Arnold Fellow in East Africa and, while there, made a short documentary film focused on military families affected by HIV. Since returning to her native San Francisco Bay Area, Laura has been happily immersed in the local film community, working in production and post-production. She is currently an M.F.A. candidate in Documentary Film and Video at Stanford University.