The Films: 2012

This season’s program of nine selected films will compel discussion, make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and motivate you to make a difference in your community. Incredibly diverse in style and content, LUNAFEST is united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling - by, for and about women.

The total run time of this season's program is just under 90 minutes.

Please Note: Films are not formally rated, however, some content is not appropriate for children. We recommend that viewers be age 16+.

Every Mother Counts: Obstetric Fistula

A look at one of the most common and painful injuries women suffer during childbirth.

How To Be Alone

A poem and “how-to” manual about being alone.

I am a Girl!

Joppe has always known that he’s a girl - and won’t let a little biology get in the way.

Lady Razorbacks

When a group of Pacific Islander women start a rugby team in East Palo Alto, the field becomes a sanctuary.

Life Model

A look inside the world of an aging nude figure model and the beautiful artwork she inspires.

Missed Connections

On Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” forum, those who regret their timidity make appeals to the Ones Who Got Away.

Reluctant Bride, A

Stuck at her younger sister’s engagement party, an unmarried Persian woman dodges and weaves suitors and romantic setups like a pro.

The Wind is Blowing on My Street

An accident that leaves a young girl on the street in Tehran without a headscarf leads to an unlikely connection.

Worst Enemy

Is our heroine way too neurotic to be a “normal” girl?