Community Fundraising Success Stories

$40,000 Raised for Sonoma County Women’s Shelter

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma


The Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County’s roots go back to 1960s, with President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” and the creation of agencies across the U.S. dedicated to helping low income people. Each agency supports the unique needs of their community, with CAP of Sonoma offering myriad programs for women, families, youth, and other at-risk groups. “LUNAFEST’s focus on women’s issues makes it a great match for us,” says Hazel Whiteoak, the organization’s Resource Development Manager.

Box Office Bonanza

Although CAP of Sonoma had participated in LUNAFEST for several seasons, 2010 was a banner year. The organization raised a whopping $40,000 for its women’s shelter, increasing net proceeds ten-fold over previous events. The cooperation and support of socially minded businesses like Whole Foods, Shelton’s Natural Foods Market and Traditional Medicinals, a natural health product company, have been instrumental in the success of CAP’s LUNAFEST efforts. “In fact, it was Drake Sadler, Traditional Medicinals’ co-founder and chairman, that originally brought LUNAFEST to us,” says Whiteoak. “It’s a great example of how for-profit companies and non-profit organizations can work together to make a difference in their communities.”  

Keys to a Well-Attended Event

Marketing, marketing, marketing. “We got the word out every way we could, advertising on radio and television, in newspapers, even putting flyers on every car in the county,” says Whiteoak. CAP of Sonoma also hired local film critic and TV personality Jan Wahl to MC their event and present a VIP talk on “fabulous females in film.” The materials LUNA provided were a huge help. “It would have cost us a fortune to have logos, flyers and signage designed,” added Whiteoak. “LUNA made everything so easy.”    

Women’s Stories Inspire

The themes of friendship and perseverance highlighted in the LUNAFEST films perfectly complemented the most powerful story of the event: a speech given by a woman who turned to CAP’s shelter after illness and the loss of her Silicon Valley job left her living out of her car. “Any one of us could have found ourselves there,” says Whiteoak. “Her story, and the stories of the films, really inspired people to give.”

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Hazel Whiteoak, Resource Development Manager
Community Action Partnership of Sonoma